Is there any connection between infant steroid use and autism?

Answer Not that Ive heard or seen.

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Is there a link between Autism and Circumcision?

Know that I'm just hypothesizing and not at all making any type of claim.If one of the first things a new baby experiences is painful surgery performed with out aesthetic, causing him to go into a ... Read More »

Is there a link between asbestos exposure and autism?

Autism is most likely caused by abnormalities in brain structure or function. But according to the Autism Society of America, researchers are examining problems during pregnancy involving environme... Read More »

What do you need for an infant with autism?

Good food, a steady environment, and lots of safe, predictable social interaction with parents who love him. Just about the same thing any infant needs.

Is there a connection between Lancome& L'Oreal?

Lancome and L’Oreal are connected--Lancome is actually a subsidiary of L’Oreal. Armand Petitjean established Lancome in 1935 with the launch of five perfumes. L’Oreal bought Lancome in 1965, ... Read More »