Is there any chinese dishes that have cheese?

Answer No, and my Chinese roommate is pretty leery of cheese.

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What are Chinese noodle dishes called?

The Chinese eat many types of noodle dishes, such as lo mein and chow fun. According to, mian (or mein) noodles are wheat-based, while fen (or fun) noodles are rice-based. Th... Read More »

Why do i get a headache after eating chinese blackbean sauce dishes?

I agree with those who think it's something about the black beans themselves! They certainly seem to be the most likely source of the problem!It obviously isn't the MSG, because that's in ALL Chine... Read More »

How to Remove Pizza Cheese and Baked on Food from Dishes and Utensils?

Ugh! You had a great dinner, but now it's time to tackle those dishes, and they're caked with food. Don't worry, it's not too hard to remove this gunk; just try these easy-to-use suggestions.

Do the Chinese not eat cheese?

The Chinese like other people from the Far East are often lactose intolerant.Plus dairy is just not part of their traditional cuisine.