Is there any chinese dishes that have cheese?

Answer No, and my Chinese roommate is pretty leery of cheese.

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Are there traditional Mexican dishes that involve bacon?

The type of bacon you're thinking of is cured and smoked pork belly that is then thinly sliced and pan fried. This is mainly an American and European preparation.I'm sure there are Mexican dishes ... Read More »

Many websites say that a typical Korean meal consists of rice, soup and side dishes. Why no main dishes?

It goes to a different style of eating. The rice serves as the base of each bite. You can add a tiny bit of each side dish or just one tiny bit of a side dish to get the taste combination you want... Read More »

Why is it that chinese people that own chinese shops are thin and yet when we eat their food it goes to our..?

it's not their food that does it, they eat it most of the time, our western diet contains alot of dairy produce and animal fats which they dont like, and we eat chinese as a treat not as a regular ... Read More »

What are Chinese noodle dishes called?

The Chinese eat many types of noodle dishes, such as lo mein and chow fun. According to, mian (or mein) noodles are wheat-based, while fen (or fun) noodles are rice-based. Th... Read More »