Is there any camera/camcorder which "cannot" record IR light?

Answer Hi Ayush: Unlike the human eye, digital cameras and camcorders (and video/photo cell phones) have solid-state sensors which are sensitive to a broader spectrum of light. Some are intentionally desi... Read More »

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Ordinary use of basement means tenant cannot use space there BESIDES THERE IS NO WINDOW. AIR AND LIGHT BAD?

Same question, different words. If the lease is a 'whole house lease' meaning that the basement is not specifically excluded in the lease, the tenant may have access to and use the basement for ord... Read More »

Which brand digi camera can record hd video recording in low light better in sony,canon,nikon?

The ink light on my printer went off and i cannot get it to light again?

Unplug the whole printer and try again. even the usb and power. remove all ink cartridges and try again

When outlook meeting invitations are sent to to iPhone users you receive iCal attachments which cannot be viewed or accepted is there a way to make that work?