Is there any benefit to reusing a tea bag other than saving money?

Answer Part of Obsessive Compulsive behavior is to exaggerate everything to the point of ridiculous. Although most exaggerations have a beginning somewhere in reality, this one does not appear to. Used te... Read More »

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Aside from saving power, is there any benefit to shutting a computer off when you're done?

What Redman Posted substantiates everything I was going to say.Thank you. I have this argument on an ongoing basis with the person who shares my space.It is my computer, I want it on. If I go away ... Read More »

Is there any benefit in having an unsecured loan rather than a secured one?

On One Hand: No CollateralWhen you take out an unsecured loan, you do not use a specific property to guarantee the loan in case you cannot repay it. Even though your creditor may be able to take so... Read More »

Other than jellyfish, what other natural forms of contraceptive are there?

oh, JELLYFISH are the ONLY natural fact. doctors lie, it is the ONLY reliable form of contraceptive! now go out to the ocean, find yourself a jellyfish and strap that bad daddy o... Read More »

Is there any other way to get internet connection other than cable or phone line?

You can't get better than ComCast!!! There are other issues. If you're using Wireless router, try to connect directly to ComCast modem and check if you have the same issue. Ask ComCast to test the ... Read More »