Is there any benefit in having an unsecured loan rather than a secured one?

Answer On One Hand: No CollateralWhen you take out an unsecured loan, you do not use a specific property to guarantee the loan in case you cannot repay it. Even though your creditor may be able to take so... Read More »

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In excel, is there a simple way to print every workbook in a spreadsheet, rather than having to click on each?

Just like in all Microsoft Office applications, there are multiple ways to do just about everything. • You can select all worksheets before clicking the Print function. Just select the first w... Read More »

Is it a sin if a Christian adopts a baby rather than having one?

What are the advantages of having 1024MB of memory rather than 512MB?

think of it this way, imagine that you have a basket that can hold 512 books (yes this is pretend) and you need to move 1024 books from your room to your mom's room, it would take you TWO TRIPS to ... Read More »

Refi'd to pay off son's student loan. He's complaining of the $600/mo rather than $1200 he repays us.Help.?

If you can afford to pay a portion of the loan for you son and lower his payment to you, do so. You're his mother. Paying for him to get a college education is an investment in his future- and yo... Read More »