Is there any beer that actually tastes good?

Answer If you mean easier to drink. You want a sweeter beer. Try Boddingtons it comes in a tall yellow can very smooth and easy to drink. Another sweeter beer is Pyrimid Hefewiezen. Put a lemon wedge and ... Read More »

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Detox Cleanse that actually tastes good..?

Well, your body's usually pretty good at clearing out the junk, so if you just stop consuming crap (basically, anything processed) for a few days, you'll probably be pretty well de-toxed. There are... Read More »

Do you REALLY think beer tastes good?

I love the taste of beer, To me it's a nectar....

Is there a white lavender tea that tastes as good Teavana's original recipe (before they ruined it)?

you could try they have great loose leaf teas and great blends.

Are there any good sites that i could apply for scholarships and actually get them?

If you didn't suck as a student you'd be eligible for plenty of scholarships, but since you don't then you need to get a job.