Is there any Mario like games for ipod?

Answer Marco Bros and Ricky and Mega Man

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Are there any games like sims for iPod touch?

Can you get old games like Super Mario for the Wii?

Classic Nintendo games, such as Super Mario Brothers, are available from the Wii Shop Channel. Some of these virtual console games may require additional hardware, such as a Nintendo Classic Contro... Read More »

On an iPod, is there a way to delete the games that came with the iPod?

nope...i had the same problem..except mine were taking up memory and it wuold only hold like 50 i got on itunes and restored it and it kept the games but took off memory somehow...idk

Games for an iPod Like Pandemic?

Pandemic is a popular online game where the objective is to spread a disease around the world, eventually killing all humanity. Bleak but addictive, Pandemic is one of the most popular Flash games ... Read More »