Is there any DVD with higher capacity than 8 GB ?

Answer No, you'll need to use Blu-Ray or HD DVD, which is, unfortunately, very expensive for blank media. I don't think HD DVD blank media is out yet, so I guess you'll either need to use multiple DVDs or... Read More »

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Does water have a higher heat capacity than alcohol?

Water has a higher heat capacity than alcohol. The amount of heat to raise fresh water one degree Celsius is 4.19. To get the same results with various alcohols ranges between 2.3 to 2.72 degrees C... Read More »

Is there something higher than the cia?

They use the Berretta m9 with optional silencer for assassinations.

Is there any higher definition than 1080p?

There are numerous formats that are in use in television and broadcast. Currently, 1080i 50Hz or 60Hz is the highest standard being broadcast. 720p is the same amount of data, but fewer lines and i... Read More »

Is there a rank higher than general?

depending on what level the general is (O-7 thru O-10) there should be. The highest rank in general is General of the Army/Air Force/ etc. Above that is the Commander in Chief also known as the Pre... Read More »