Is there any Applications for iPod classic?

Answer Yes, there are some applications you can get for the iPod classic. The only problem with that is that you will need to hack your iPod to the iPod Linux hack. After your down with the hack, it will ... Read More »

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Is there an iPod classic master unlock code if you forgot the password?

No. If an iPod classic (or any iPod) is passcode locked, and the code is forgotten, one solution is to restore the iPod to factory settings, which will erase the contents of the iPod. The unlock ... Read More »

Is there an iPod classic case that fits into a docking station?

Yes, the iSkin evo4 Duo fits onto the 80 gigabyte, 120 gigabyte and 160 gigabyte models of the iPod Classic while remaining to allow the iPod to be placed into the dock. However, any inserts cannot... Read More »

Why won't my iPod Touch applications sync from Itunes to my iPod?

In your Itunes make sure that when you plug up your iPod it is being read by your itunes. From their go and click on your iPod's name when it pops up which should be on the left side of the itnues ... Read More »

What kind of iPod Should I get The iPod Touch, Nano, Classic or Shuffle?

I would go with classic. I got the new nano, and there are A LOT of problems with it, so don't get that. Even though the classic is more expensive, its generally better than the others.The shuffle ... Read More »