I tried another monitor that was working and the same thing happens. Could there be another issue?

Answer Nope, you solved it.

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If an hdmi cord is cheaper than another does that make it not work as well?

Recent HDMI cables are labelled as to what standard they meet. In general you won't have a problem with any cable labelled "High Speed" (with or without Ethernet support according to your needs) ..... Read More »

Does Blu-Ray disc that are made from another DVD have more content on there (BQ)?

It really depends on the company making the Blu-Ray. Some movies have more extra features, some don't. Usually newer and more popular movies will be the ones with the extra features.As far as if th... Read More »

Is there a special number to dial to make a call to another state?

Depends on what kind of phone you are using.If your using a house phone you have to have a long distanceservice provider or use a service.Dial 1 + the area code +the numberif you do not have a ser... Read More »

How to Move to Another Country and Work There with Few Skills?

Regardless of your age, you can build a network in your new country and find a way to work even if you do not have many skills. You will need to think laterally and consider the people who you know... Read More »