Is there another name for Orange Chicken?

Answer Panda Express Orange Chicken Recipe…

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Whats the best type of asian food out there ex: eggroll, orange chicken..?

As U did not mention type of Asian Food... I just choose some Indonesian, Peranakan and Indian dish...1) Soto Ayam – Authentically Indonesian, this earthy and complex soup of chicken and peanuts ... Read More »

What is another name for chicken wire?

Chicken wire is also called poultry netting. It is used to fence in poultry livestock, such as chicken or turkey. This netting is also used as an inexpensive means of building a cage for flying ani... Read More »

Is there another name for a registry on a PC?

"The registry" is Microsoft's official name for the central hierarchical database that stores configuration and user data for programs in the Windows operating system. While it has no other officia... Read More »

Is there another name for comfrey?

The medicinal herb comfrey (Symphytum officinale) is also known by a variety of common names that refer to its healing capabilities. These include knit bone, boneset, consound and bruise wort. The ... Read More »