Is there another great program to edit your videos?

Answer Try AVS Video Editor - - like After Effects it is a compositor and is free trial.

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How do you edit Kodak playsport videos on magix movie edit pro?

You should be able to import and edit Kodak Playsport videos in Magix Movie Edit Pro if the file formats are compatible with Magix Movie Edit Pro. Have you tried importing a video? If not, try it. ... Read More »

Is there a way to edit certain videos?

I agree with Palladin...I have imported video from a Sony HDR-FX1 (miniDV tape, HDV format), Canon HF S100 (flash memory, AVCHD compressed format) and Canon PowerShot AS3000is (flash memory, MOV fi... Read More »

How to Edit Videos?

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How do you edit videos...?

This is a list of special programs for editing a video and audio, choose any program and for any