Is there an otterbox for the white iPhone 4?

Answer The white iPhone 4, according to Apple specifications, is the same thickness as the black. Although some testers have reported it to be 0.2mm thicker. This is a very small difference and the otterb... Read More »

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White otterbox iphone case - - how to clean?

The first answer submitted "buy a new one" is utterly ridiculous. An example - I have had my new white Otterbox Defender for iPhone 4S for about a week, and it is already very dingy looking. I th... Read More »

Will the old iPhone 4 otterbox defender case work with the iPhone 4S?

im pretty sure it will. because the 4s is the same exact design but more advanced. so it should fit the design. hope this helps- spaxton21

Would you get the iPhone 4S for free if you broke your iPhone 3G in a otterbox?

Not in your wildest dreams! If the Otterbox company accepted your claim as genuine, the MOST you would get is another iPhone 3G!

Does the 2G otterbox fit the iPhone 4S?

No, the 2G OtterBox does not fit the iPhone 4S. The two devices have completely different form factors. The OtterBox 2G is designed to fit the 2G snugly and protect it. I don't think you'd even be ... Read More »