Is there an headset that fits better than the standard ear bud?

Answer They were receiving instructions and timings. Also, because sound travels much slower than light, each performer would have had the music directly in their earphones to ensure they all stayed in time.

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Are there tablets out there that are better than the ipad?

I would suggest the Momo8 speed,… when it comes out, GTR electical's support are the best I've seen.This is the Momo8 bird which has a single core process... Read More »

Is there anything that I can give my son that works better (further) than a walkie-talkie to keep in touch...?

You can get special cell phones for kids (like the firefly) that only call numbers on a list.

In 2010 will there be a phone better than the iPhone or is there already one better than the iPhone?

Phones will continue to become more like our computers. There will always be a better, faster, smaller, more functional phone down the line.As far as service goes, the future is wi-fi, cell technol... Read More »

What is a LED/LCD tv and is it better than a standard LCD or LED TV?

LCD screens use a backlight known as CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp).LEDs are still LCD screens, but have replaced the CCFL with LED lights.Therefore, LED TVs are still LCD screens, just with ... Read More »