Is there an external hard drive you can use with Microsoft& Mac?

Answer You can use any external hard drive with both Microsoft and Mac operating systems by formatting the drive correctly. You must erase the drive before formatting it. Use one of the utility programs a... Read More »

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How to Replace an Internal Hard Drive with an External Hard Drive?

Using a removable external drive as primary storage has many advantages. It will allow you to boot from your drive on any other computer, albeit without proper driver support. Additionally, it will... Read More »

I had problem with hard disk. i had a external hard drive. can i run my win 7 32 bit pc without hdd?

From what i've read , unless you buy an adapter to put your external into the computer, then no, you cannot use the external drive.

Why wont my external hard drive work with my bluray but a my flash drive does?

Most televisions and BluRay players cannot work with a USB based hard drive. I suspect it is something about the power requirements but I am not sure.You probably want a small media server that wo... Read More »

Is there Any Tv that can play movies from my external hard drive?

The only way i knowto do that at least for me was to hook the hard drive up to my xbox 360 via the usb port, then go through xbox 360 dashboard to external device click on and play from there, the ... Read More »