What element is called quicksilver?

Answer Quicksilver is another name for mercury. At room temperature, the substance exists as a liquid, which is used in such devices as thermometers, fluorescent lights and switches. It is also combined w... Read More »

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What is an element that speeds up chemical reactions called?

A catalyst is a substance that speeds up a chemical reactions. It can either be an element, compound (a combination of elements) or, in rare cases, a mixture. An example of an important catalyst is... Read More »

What is a camera stand called?

If you mean a stand used for steadying the camera while taking pictures, then it's called a tripod.

Is it okay to nest a table in an inline element that is nested inside a block element?

Yes, just make sure you have a ice sculpture as the center piece...

What does the K stand for when pitcher Francisco Rodriguez is called K-Rod?

In baseball, the letter K is the symbol for strikeouts on the box score. When fans refer to Francisco Rodriguez as K-Rod, they are referencing his reputation for striking batters out.Source:Basebal... Read More »