What does the K stand for when pitcher Francisco Rodriguez is called K-Rod?

Answer In baseball, the letter K is the symbol for strikeouts on the box score. When fans refer to Francisco Rodriguez as K-Rod, they are referencing his reputation for striking batters out.Source:Basebal... Read More »

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What element is called quicksilver?

Quicksilver is another name for mercury. At room temperature, the substance exists as a liquid, which is used in such devices as thermometers, fluorescent lights and switches. It is also combined w... Read More »

What is an element that speeds up chemical reactions called?

A catalyst is a substance that speeds up a chemical reactions. It can either be an element, compound (a combination of elements) or, in rare cases, a mixture. An example of an important catalyst is... Read More »

There is a Japanese restaurant in tarzana, CA called "Sushi Mon". what does that mean?

Sushi is raw fish served with different raw seafood and vegetables with rice rolled up and cut in sections. "Mon" is a familiar term used in Jamaica, The Caribbean, and in the surf culture. Usually... Read More »

What is a camera stand called?

If you mean a stand used for steadying the camera while taking pictures, then it's called a tripod.