Is there an electronic device I can buy that will help...?

Answer Yes, but don't spend your money on it, they're cheap ineffective devices, and is just another product that is sold today to steal more money from the consumers.Report the guy to the police.

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Is there some sort of robot device i can buy that will make me a cup of tea?

I could dress up as a robot and be your own personal tea slave :-)

Is there a device that will play dish network recordings?

You can go to our website at dishnetwork and click on the link in the upper right hand corner, Check TV Schedule, any time you want to find a channels or program. Select your programming package, i... Read More »

What's your favortie electronic device that you own?

psp, it can do everything if you know how to do stuff

Is there a device that will allow me to upload DVC contents to your computer without using the camera?

Several companies offer a card reader attachment for your computer for various types of memory cards. It may take a little research on the internet on you part, but they're out there. Prices aren't... Read More »