Is there an easy way to string lights on an outdoor tree?

Answer Another holiday and you are on the ladder wrapping the strings of lights around the outdoor Christmas tree. It is bitter cold and your fingers are too numb to untangle the mess of twisted up lights... Read More »

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How to String Christmas Tree Lights?

Hollywood Christmas movies are filled with comical scenes of families tripping over themselves while trying to string lights on the Christmas tree. Maybe this mishap has even happened to you during... Read More »

How much power does a string of LED Christmas tree lights consume?

A string of 100-bulb, 5-watt LED Christmas tree lights consumes on average 4.17 amps of power, while a string of 100-bulb, 7-watt LED Christmas tree lights consumes on average a slightly higher 5.8... Read More »

What is better, string lights or net lights?

i personally think that string lights look prettier and should hopefully hold quite well. But you can buy whatever is cheapest or easiest, net lights probably give out more light though.

Who invented the string of electric Christmas lights?

Thomas Edison invented the first strand of electric lights in 1880. The Library of Congress explains that Edison hung the lights outside his Menlo Park, New Jersey, laboratory during the Christmas ... Read More »