Is there an easy way to convert movies stored as DV-AVI (NTSC) to DV-AVI (PAL)?

Answer best solution "is" external burner.

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How can you convert a pal DVD to ntsc?

PAL is the European color encoding system while NTSC is the North American system. If material has been encoded in PAL it is also (almost always) using a 50Hz field rate with 576 lines making up th... Read More »

How to Convert PAL to NTSC in Avid?

Avid is a video editing system (software, often with accompanying hardware) used by a variety of high-profile editing firms to cut motion pictures. Avid is capable of performing a variety of tasks,... Read More »

How to Convert From PAL to NTSC for Free?

PAL and NTSC are broadcasting formats that define the way a television set displays a broadcast signal. NTSC stands for National Television System Committee and is used primarily in North America. ... Read More »

What Is the Fastest Way to Convert PAL to NTSC?

PAL is a video format that is typically used for digitalized videos online. If you have PAL videos and you want to put them on a DVD, you will need a video converter to change the video from PAL to... Read More »