Is there an easy therapy either to warm or cool our bodies?

Answer Did you know that a simple breathing exercise can help to ease your headache and tiredness? It’s easy to do, can be done anywhere and anytime. Just spare a few minutes to follow these basic instr... Read More »

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Did you think "Warm Bodies" was a good comedy?

Warm Bodies was awesome. Funny, with action, and some romance. Very enjoyable on a shallow level and a deep level. Like if you take a look at the symbolism it's really deep, but even if you don't, ... Read More »

How to Tell if Your Coloring Is Warm or Cool?

Although there are many different types of complexions, human beings actually only have two different types of skin tones: warm and cool. While you may not think that skin-tone coloring matters, wh... Read More »

Am I Warm or Cool Toned?

ok the tint in your cheeks mean nothing... people of ALL undertones get them, trust me. That's the color of your cheeks, not the undertone. You must look at your chest or somewhere that isn't obvio... Read More »

What does cool and warm mean in light bulbs?

When referencing light bulbs, the terms "cool" and "warm" refer to what is known as "color temperature." Cool light bulbs emit light with a blue hue, while warm light bulbs give off more of an oran... Read More »