Is there an avatar 3D DVD non blu- ray?

Answer Most can not because the only come with a DVD player writer

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Why isn't there a 4 book of avatar?

Though there is speculation that a season four will be coming out one day- the creators of Avatar only planned to have 3 seasons- just long enough for Aang to learn Earth, Water and Fire bending an... Read More »

Is there going to be season 4 of Avatar the Last Airbender?

actually they are making a live action movie probably coming out in summer of 2010. that's what I heard at least. so far they have not planned to make a fourth season but if i find out they do i wi... Read More »

After the avatar finale is there another episodes coming?

How to Make Animated Gif Avatar from Webcam Avatar?

webcam avatarThere are a lot of cool software for the webcam today. But how to create animations with webcam? How to make a few shots and combine them into a cool animation?