Is there an available vaccine for leukemia?

Answer No there is not a vaccine unfortenetly if there was then that would mean the world to me for i am a current Acute Myloid Leukemia sufferer at age 11 if there is could you tell me! The best thing yo... Read More »

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Is there a vaccine available for polio?

A vaccine for polio has been available since the 1950s. The vaccine was invented by Jonas Salk, who reasoned that it would be possible to introduce a weak form of the polio virus to the human body,... Read More »

Is there any swine flu vaccine available at the airport of Newark?

it is coming at public places such ashospitals schools etc..So yes

Where and how do you get MMR vaccine as separate vaccines for each disease instead of the combined vaccine for MMR are these vaccines available separately by any manufacturers?

Are you getting the Swine Flu vaccine once is available?

Never.The virus is always changing and the "science" can't keep up with the speed of mutation, so what's the point having a flue shot already old and outdated.You only feeding the Novartis "fat cat... Read More »