Is there an archive of all Web pages?

Answer There is no one place where all Web pages are archived. Google caches all the websites it indexes. The Wayback Machine has been archiving millions of Web pages since 1996, but it is not comprehensi... Read More »

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How to Archive Old Web Pages?

Whether you have a personal website, business or just want to preserve Web content that may be removed from the World Wide Web there are options for archiving websites. There are two main methods f... Read More »

Is there an archive with Pidgin Instant Messenger?

Pidgin Instant Messenger is a program that hosts several major instant messenger accounts, including America Online Instant Messenger (AIM), Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk Messenger. Pidgin Messe... Read More »

Is there any website where i can make a personal archive of my favourite websites?

If you use Firefox there's an add-on extension called FoxMarks. It stores bookmarked sites on a server. You can then access them from any computer w/ internet access. There are also sites like Digg... Read More »

My HP Deskjet F4400 prints only blank pages except when I print test pages or alignment pages!!?