Is there an app which adds more storage to your iPad 2?

Answer Such an Application would be Impossible! The memory of the iPad is segmented, so that even an app could compress memory, it could only compress the memory inside the area of its own app. It cannot... Read More »

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Which memory card has more storage 512 mb or 1g?

Kim C,The 1 Gig has twice the storage capacity of the 512m.K=thousandM=millionG=billion

If someone adds you as an admin on a Facebook Page, Can your friends see what you post on there?

Not all your friends!!But it'll get notified only those are members of that group :)Hope it helps :)

Which is more energy efficient: on-demand or a storage water heater?

On One Hand: Conventional Heaters Can Be ImprovedThe energy efficiency of conventional water heaters improves with the installation of blanket insulation to the outside of the storage tank and by s... Read More »

Is there more apps on iPad 2?

Only Apple Apps such as 'iMovie' will really be 'iPad 2' Only Apps. All iPad 1 Apps will work on the iPad 2.