Is there an app for android that allows you to save and collect recipes on line?

Answer Yes, if you go to the main menu and go to the app center you can get apps.

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How to Collect and Save Vegetable Seeds?

Certain vegetables, such as beans, peas, peppers and tomatoes, make saving vegetable seeds simple: These have self-pollinating flowers, meaning they pollinate automatically before the flowers open.... Read More »

I would like to scan in recipes and save to my pc. I have a Espon photo Rx500 printer. Is it possible How?

You would have to use your software that came with your printer. I believe it's called smart panel. Use the scanner utility to scan your recipe and save the document as a .pdf file on your PC.

Do iOS and Android Operating Systems support command line or console interfaces and if so what are examples of ways to execute commands in the old style command line environment?

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How to Save Battery Power on an Android?

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