Is there an apostrophe between masters&degree?

Answer There is never an apostrophe between masters and degree. However, the Associated Press Stylebook states that an apostrophe is used in the word "master's" when used in the term "master's degree."Sou... Read More »

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Is there an apostrophe in Wednesdays?

Whether to add an apostrophe depends on the use of Wednesdays. According to the Tameri Guide to Writing, do not add an apostrophe if referring to the day as a plural known as in "only on Wednesdays... Read More »

Is there an apostrophe in master's degree?

The answer is a yes and no. It is a "master's degree," but it is also a "Master of Arts" or "Master of Science."The apostrophe s indicates that a word is possessive. Since the master holds the de... Read More »

Is the use of an apostrophe for possession?

Apostrophes often indicate a possessive noun. For example, "Sarah's candy" shows that Sarah owns the candy. Apostrophes are also used in contractions to indicate the omission of letters. For exampl... Read More »

Appropriate Uses of the Apostrophe?

The apostrophe is a punctuation mark that has several functions in English. Because of this it is easily misused. There are some gray areas in its application, but any incorrect usage can be very o... Read More »