Is there an apostrophe between masters&degree?

Answer There is never an apostrophe between masters and degree. However, the Associated Press Stylebook states that an apostrophe is used in the word "master's" when used in the term "master's degree."Sou... Read More »

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Appropriate Uses of the Apostrophe?

The apostrophe is a punctuation mark that has several functions in English. Because of this it is easily misused. There are some gray areas in its application, but any incorrect usage can be very o... Read More »

How to Use an Apostrophe With a Last Name?

When writing any type of formal paper or even a document for your own use, there are certain rules regarding when you should and should not use an apostrophe. In regards to a person's last name, an... Read More »

When does an apostrophe go after the s?

Plural nouns that end in "s" use only an apostrophe after the "s." Singular and plural proper nouns that end in "s," such as James or the Joneses, place an apostrophe after the "s."References:Purdu... Read More »

When do you put apostrophe s in a series?

When you have a series of possessives, the apostrophe and s can go in several places. If both own the object, then the apostrophe goes at the end of the series, so it's Jane and Mary's car. If two ... Read More »