Is there an anti-virus program that doesn't cost anything?

Answer Yes ... an excellent one, AVG from Grisoft.

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Is there an anti-virus program that will PREVENT this FBI MoneyPak threat from locking up my computer?

Windows Defender is poor against trojans. Don't know how Trend micro is. I would recommend switching to full version of Kaspersky internet security or Eset.

What is the best Anti Virus / Anti Spyware Program out there Including the free versions.?

Norton are the market leaders, but along with this reputation comes with a larger yearly price tag. You can get an equally good free antivirus which come with similar protection at no cost. Check A... Read More »

Is there a REALLY good anti virus, anti spyware, etc. that is FREE?

anti-virus is different than anti-spywareyou need 2 programs.Spybot - Search and Destroy is good for spyware, but for viruses you should use AVG free anti virus Read More »

Which anti virus program out there is good but reasonably priced?

Yes, Avast is availiable for free download from, i used the same one as you , and others and did find a slowdown like you talk about - Since using Avast i have had no probs in any way ... Read More »