Is there an android app for hot mail?

Answer You can use the Email app (not GMail) bundled as standard with the Android device to access Hotmail. To do this you may need the Hotmail POP3 settings.

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How to Check Yahoo! Mail on an Android?

Checking your Yahoo! mail can be done from just about anywhere. If you have a Web browser, you can check your email. Whether that browser is on your desktop computer or your Android phone is irrele... Read More »

How to Play Your Comcast Voice Mail on an Android?

You can access your Comcast voice mail from your Android phone in two different ways. Comcast offers a free Android application that allows you to listen to the messages. You can also check your vo... Read More »

How to turn off notification sound in new yahoo mail for android app, not in general settings?

Menu, Options, Choose Email Account if you have more than one, Uncheck the notification you want to disable or disable them all by unchecking Notifications

After switching mail service to classic mail. how do I switch back to original mail mode?

Log in to the classic view. There is a button (all new mail) on the tool bar in the upper right corner next to the help button. Click it and it switches you over.