Is there an alternative to wikipedia...I am getting frustrated by them?

Answer Stick with Wikipedia its very reliable for the most part. There may be better ones but Wikipedia has a good table of contents on longer subjects.

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Do you get really frustrated when?

I taste your pain and have pondered these same ideas when answering some of the most insipid, trivial crap. I think you're on the right to an extent with the inelectually lazy aspect or lazy brain... Read More »

Always frustrated with updos?

frizz tips: condition your hair thoroughly, rinse with the coldest water you can stand(helps with the cuticle on your hair), and of course don't brush your hair while wet(damages) use wide tooth co... Read More »

Skinny and frustrated?

"eating and whatever"Sounds like you are bulimic? Consult a dietitian if this is the case, otherwise you will never put on weight, only drop.

I am so sexually frustrated?

Well that all depends on what you are looking for, are you just interesting on pleasing your sexual frustration are you just looking for someone to be date/committed to...if your just trying to g... Read More »