Is there an alternative to wikipedia...I am getting frustrated by them?

Answer Stick with Wikipedia its very reliable for the most part. There may be better ones but Wikipedia has a good table of contents on longer subjects.

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Are any of you frustrated at EMA and have you received a reply of your application from them at all?

Yes I'm really annoyed with it too. I sent an Application just over 2 months ago and I haven't got on single reply yet. I have tried to call them but all the phone lines are dead, so its just point... Read More »

I want to move to Australia but I am getting confused and frustrated over things can anyone help?

First off you need to qualify to come here. A lot of people want to come here so we only take on permantly (as opposed to tourists etc) the ones who can bring a lot to Australia (in the way of bei... Read More »

What causes us to get moles Is there an age you stop getting them?

No, there is no stopping at all. The older you get the more will appear. They're some skin pigmented spots on the outer layer of the skin, so as an child most of them won't have any and older peopl... Read More »

My iPod touch just deleted all of my photos why did it do this and is there anyway of getting them back?

Connect iPod to computer, and then open "Computer", iPod should show as a drive letter there. If not, please follow these instructions: In iTunes, right click on your iPod and select "iPod Options... Read More »