Is there an alternative pain reliever, to replace man made pain pills?

Answer For arthritis, Turmeric, like cortizone shots! It's for inflammation. it works on anyone I heard that has tried it. My brother, says he would be in great pain all over his body without it, told me ... Read More »

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What are symptoms of being addicted to pain pills Just curious Pain & Pai?

If you take them even when you are not in pain, you may be addicted.

Hemorrhoids pain reliever?

Steroidal cream. But naturally, sitz baths, witch hazel wipes and time. Eat things that will soften your stool as well. If you push too hard to poop it can aggravate the condition. Good luck.

Can Ativan be used as a pain reliever?

Ativan is a sedative. So no. Unless it knocks her out enough to where she can sleep through the pain.

What is the best pain reliever ?

A smack on the head to put me out of my misery. LOL