Is there an alternate F chord for baritone ukulele?

Answer An example of an alternate chord on a baritone ukulele is the F-major chord. The F-major chord as well as a number of other variations of the F-chord can be played by holding down a series of stri... Read More »

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Who invented the baritone ukulele?

In the 1950s U.S. television and radio personality Arthur Godfrey asked ukulele designer Eddie Connors to create a baritone ukulele. Godfrey, who played the instrument on his shows, sparked a surge... Read More »

How big is a baritone sax?

The baritone saxophone, one of the largest instruments in the saxophone family, typically weighs between 13 to 14 pounds and stands on average around 4 feet tall, making it difficult to carry and p... Read More »

What is a baritone instrument?

The baritone is an instrument in the brass family. The baritone started to appear in use in the 1830s, according to baritone is a kind of small tuba that is related to the corn... Read More »

How to Play a Baritone Sax?

The Bari Sax is a completely different beast than the others. The Bari comes from the gut and needs a lot more air. That being said any one can play it with enough practice despite size.