Is there an age limit for filing taxes?

Answer There is no age limit for filing taxes. However, if you are over 65, your filing status and your gross income will determine if you have to file or not. Even if you don't have to file, you may want... Read More »

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Is there a penalty for filing taxes late?

If a taxpayer fails to file an extension with the Internal Revenue Service, the penalty is five percent per month on the amount of taxes owed to the government. This amount cannot exceed a total of... Read More »

Is there an age limit to be a dependent for taxes?

Your child, or a relative who is disabled or earns an annual gross income of less than $3,650, depends upon you for more than half of her support, and lived as a member of your household for the en... Read More »

Is there a limit on taxes for the sale of a New York home?

U.S. residents living in the state of New York must pay 15% capital gains tax upon the sale of their home. However, you may deduct certain amounts from the total, including closing costs, any poin... Read More »

Is there a time limit for filing an answer in state court after remand from federal court?

There is a time limit to file an answer in state court, after remand from federal court. Each state specifies this limit within their judicial codes. Arkansas, for instance, allows 20 days in most ... Read More »