Is there an Ohio puppy lemon law?

Answer There is currently a petition to the state of Ohio House of Representatives to pass a puppy lemon law. Until this is passed, there is no Ohio puppy lemon law. The law is proposed to protect dog own... Read More »

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What is the lemon puppy law?

The lemon puppy law--or puppy lemon law--is a law that protects consumers when purchasing a pet, usually via a pet store or breeder. Though ordinarily associated only with dogs because of the title... Read More »

Puppy Lemon Law in Pennsylvania?

The Pennsylvania Dog Purchaser Protection Act, also known as the Pennsylvania Puppy Lemon Law, is legislation that protects the state's consumers against the practices of unscrupulous dog breeders ... Read More »

Puppy Lemon Laws in New Jersey?

Purchasing a puppy or dog from a pet store, a kennel, or from a breeder can be risky, particularly if the seller fails to disclose known health problems that the animal has. Because of this, many s... Read More »

What Is the 3-Day Lemon Law in Ohio?

There is nothing worse than buying a car that spends more time with the mechanic than it does getting you where you need to do. When you are to the point that the mechanic knows your name and the n... Read More »