Is there an Emulator for PALM Treo?

Answer Not sure just check out Palm Developer site.

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Is the cradle for the Palm Treo 750 compatible with the Palm Centro?

Both the Palm Treo 750 and Palm Centro devices have the same Palm provided USB cable connectors for the cradle, so you can use the USB cable of the Treo 750 on the Palm Centro without a problem.Ref... Read More »

Can you use a Palm Treo for calls only?

Yes, a person can use the Treo for only making calls. While the Treo is a smartphone capable of sending a receiving emails and texts, surfing the web, and running a variety of applications, its use... Read More »

Is there an AOL express for Palm Treo?

Unfortunately, AOL Express is not available for the Palm Treo. However, there is a comparable application that allows you to perform similar tasks called AIM Mobile. While the application is no lon... Read More »

How to Set Up Speed Dials for the Treo 680 Palm?

The Palm Treo 680 is the fourth Treo released by Palm and is the least-expensive one of the bunch. The Treo 680 came with such features as a built-in camera, Internet and Bluetooth capabilities. In... Read More »