Is there a"make a wish"for adults?

Answer Make a wish foundations for adults diagnosed with life-threatening medical illness include: Dream Foundation, Adult Wish Foundation, Happiness Unlimited, OneGift, Warrior's Wish Foundation (for vet... Read More »

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How to Get a GED for Adults?

The high school equivalency diploma, more commonly known as the GED, is usually the minimum level of education required for individuals entering the U.S. military and higher education institutions ... Read More »

Adults: Have you NEVER had chicken pox?

Nope never had them...though when my son was 1 yr old, his ped. made me get the protection shot so I wouldn't get them or shingles. I was 29 at the time

How to Entertain Adults?

Are you having to hang out with adults instead of your friends. Are you stuck with ideas to keep them happy? Read this to learn how.

ADULTS ONLY... facials.................?

I think it is rare, my friend.But, like you, I happen to greatly enjoy it...I, uh---I REALLY do...It is so damn good and warm and yummy!I have never met a man who thinks it is gross, though.