Is there allergy to dogs with infants?

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Grass Allergy in Dogs?

Grass pollen allergies are a common canine atopy allergen. Atopy allergens represent a group of irritants dogs inhale, such as dust, pollen and mold spores. Dogs generally suffer from grass pollen ... Read More »

Plastic Allergy in Dogs?

When it comes to protecting your dog's health, you are the first line of defense. Most dogs that develop contact allergies--a reaction to something in its environment--are diagnosed because their o... Read More »

Herbal Allergy Relief for Dogs?

Allergies are a common problem in dogs. Although certain breeds of dogs are more susceptible to allergies, all dogs can experience them. When a dog is exposed to an allergen, he releases histamine ... Read More »

How to Make Allergy Food for Dogs?

Allergy symptoms in dogs are often similar to symptoms of other diseases. Take the dog to a veterinarian to confirm your suspicion of an allergy. If the veterinarian does confirm allergies, you can... Read More »