Is there alcohol in champagne?

Answer unless you manage to find an alcohol free range of Champagne...Which I doubt very much.So...yes..why do you think people get so drunk.....It's not just the bubbles.

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Is there alcohol in EverStyle Alcohol-Free Curl Activating Mousse?

Why are there different type glasses for wine and champagne?

The purpose of the champagne flute (apparently) is to keep the bubbles in the glass longer and they are designed in such a way to allow this, while a wine class has a wide opening to allow aroma mo... Read More »

I need help, i'm not a champagne drinker so i need opinions on a decent Champagne that doesn't cost much?

Go for a sparkling wine rather than Champagne. Champagnes are very expensive whether they are vintage or non-vintage. You could try American sparkling wines such as Domaine Chandon from the Napa ... Read More »

If there are no carbs in alcohol, why are there still calories?

All alcoholic beverages contain calories because alcohol has about 7 calories per gram. Distilled spirits--such as vodka and whiskey--contain no carbs, while beers, wines and cordials contain varyi... Read More »