Is there air pollution associated with creating nuclear energy?

Answer On One Hand: Nuclear Power Plants Do Not Pollute the AirAccording to the U.S. Department of Energy, nuclear power plants emit no air pollution. This lack of pollutants, combined with increases in e... Read More »

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What Problems Are Associated With Nuclear Energy?

Nuclear energy operates through nuclear fission rather than by burning fossil fuels or natural gas. Not only is the process highly efficient in terms of the amount of waste produced per energy outp... Read More »

Is there nuclear energy in a iPhone 4S?

Is there a high cost to the consumer using nuclear energy?

On One Hand: Nuclear Power is Relatively CheapThe cost of nuclear power is not clearly known, but proponents claim that current production compares favorably with other power production methods. A ... Read More »

Are homes with nuclear energy better than homes with electric energy?

On One Hand: Energy is EnergyElectricity that comes from a nuclear reactor is in no way different than electricity that comes from any other source. Electricity is simply made up of electrons, and ... Read More »