Is there age limit for exercising or going to work-out?

Answer There are no age limit for exercising or work-out but there are types of exercises and work-out for different age.…

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Is there an age limit to work with amtrak?

As long as you are old enough to work, there are no age restrictions for employment with Amtrak. It would constitute age discrimination and violate the law. Amtrak makes clear on that i... Read More »

What is the age limit to work on a cruise ship?

In general, cruise ships will not hire people for most positions who are younger than 21 or older than 65. There are some exceptions to this: beauty staffers might be hired at 19, and the age range... Read More »


In pretty much all places the youngest you can work is 14 but most places they try to have you 15 or 16.Please answer my question asking if the girl in the photos is pretty.

My 16 year old son wastes around 5 hours a day on MSN when I am at work, how can I limit him to 1 hour a day?

There's not much you can do once they start using it constantly except get them interested in something else. At his rate it doesn't sound like he wants to study. There's a bunch of programs out th... Read More »