Is there adapters for component cables to hdmi cables?

Answer Analog component signals are completely different to digital HDMI. There is no simple adaptor cable because the analog signals require processing to convert to digital. There are converter units th... Read More »

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Are hdmi cables better than component cables?

On One Hand: HDMI Uses a Digital SignalHDMI cables and component video cables both provide a high-definition video signal. However, HDMI cables send data through a digital signal, while component c... Read More »

Why are HDMI cables better than component cables?

HDMI cables are not better than component cables. They are different and the HDMI interface provides features that are not available on analog component interfaces. HDMI absolutely does not automat... Read More »

HDMI or HD/AV component cables for gaming?

Component is said to only go up to 1080p - however, most of the time this isn't the case, and the 1080p is worse quality, so it's typically dumbed down to 720p or 1080i. Also many HDTV's or media p... Read More »

Is HDMI much different than component cables going at 1080p?

I've done many live customer demonstrations of HDMI cables versus Component and Composite Videos cables. In those demos I've used the different cable types between the same HDTV and Blue Ray source... Read More »