Okay, what's the absolute truth about those PW crackers?

Answer This is kinda an open ended question.It depends on what you're trying to crack.If it's a windows login password, sure, use OphCrackIf it's a website, you might try Cain and Able or Metasploit (have... Read More »

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What is your absolute, I mean ABSOLUTE favorite show ever Seriously, ABSOLUTE FAVORITE SHOW?

FRIENDS ALL THE WAY! I still laugh my face off when i watch it.

What is the absolute BEST motorcycle there is?

Best motorcycle? BMW=Best Motorcycle in World. They are real good too- a bit expensive though. GS models can handle some offroad work, the layed down 4s are good roadrunners .

What is the absolute best Graphics card out there?

best amd non crossfired 7970crossfired 7990nvidia titan best singlegtx 690 best sli(that i know of)

Is there any truth to the story of movie Slum Dog Millionaire of course the slums really do exist but was there ever a boy from the slums who made money on a game show?