Okay, what's the absolute truth about those PW crackers?

Answer This is kinda an open ended question.It depends on what you're trying to crack.If it's a windows login password, sure, use OphCrackIf it's a website, you might try Cain and Able or Metasploit (have... Read More »

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If truth is beauty, and beauty is truth, why do women wear make-up?

Your question relies on the initial clause being correct. It isn't. They're apples and oranges.Adequate attempt at being clever. Don't give up and you'll figure it out someday. Good day sir.

What is your absolute, I mean ABSOLUTE favorite show ever Seriously, ABSOLUTE FAVORITE SHOW?

FRIENDS ALL THE WAY! I still laugh my face off when i watch it.

What is absolute dating?

For years, scientists and proponents of the Bible have argued about the age of the earth. While Bible proponents cite historical dates listed in the book itself, scientists use a process called abs... Read More »

How to Do an Absolute Value Function on the TI-83 Plus?

The TI-83 calculator, developed by Texas Instruments, is an advanced graphing calculator designed to calculate and graph various equations. With so many buttons, menus and submenus, locating your d... Read More »