Why and how can I stop picking my nose...?

Answer Simple.Keep your finger out of your nose.If you want to stop a bad habit - you make an effort to do so. Not buying the "really habitual and can't stop" thing. Of course, you can. Takes time and ... Read More »

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How to Stop Picking Your Nose?

Do you have a habitual need to pick your nose, even to the point where you have started doing it in public? It is time to stop this unhygienic and unpleasant-to-witness habit right now. Read these ... Read More »

I can't stop picking my nose?

Get a white paper masking tape, tape it around your finger and then label it "DON'T"

How to Keep Your Kid from Picking His Nose?

Your kid picking their nose? This is an aggravating situation. And you CAN fix it.

Is picking your nose and eating it good for you?

No because your nose builds up germs to prevent from entering the body, there's a reason your nose is there. Why would you want to eat germs? Germs just make you ill.