Is there an app on android that turns it into iphone or being able too access the apple app store?

Answer Lot of apps are in i phone i think , they are updating daily so we can't say the correct count

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Is there a word for being afraid of vacuum cleaners?

My leather sofa got soaked,after i dried it there is an awful foisty or can i get rid of the smell?

This is probably caused by mold or mildew and you will need an enzyme cleaner that will kill this and then eradicate the smell.Em Clean has been formulated for this purpose and has been tested on l... Read More »

Is anyone not being able to go onto

i am getting the message Sorry for the inconvenience; we're currently upgrading the Bebo servers.Bebo will be available again soon, so go outside for a bit. Enjoy the sunshine (it's that big shiny ... Read More »

How to Overcome Not Being Able to Look at Yourself in the Mirror?

Do you not like the way you look? Is there something about your face you don't want to see? If there is any reason you don't want to look at your self in the mirror than read this article