Is there a wireless ear bud that works with the tv?

Answer Audio Technica QuietPoint ATH-ANC7b They cost $220 dollars and have insane audio and noise canceling.They are the best headphones on the market.

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I was wondering can you get a speaker which works like wireless headphones?

Wireless speakers have been on the market for decades, and are relatively easy to find.I recently acquired a set of JBL wireless speakers (for free!) at a local amateur-radio "give-away" swap meet.... Read More »

Is there a wireless earbud that works with a standard headphone jack?

AnswerMost wireless earbuds are specifically designed to fit a brand of phone. That is why there isn't really a universal earbud. This is a money making market. As in, Nokia wants Nokia owner to on... Read More »

When i hook up my router my internet on my computer doesnt work but it works wireless?

If you connect your PC to your router via Ethernet cable, it should over-ride the WiFi connection settings.This is all fully explained in the Router User Manual.If Ethernet doesn't work, don't assu... Read More »

Does Sony xperia tipo works video calling if it works what are tha apps name?

I imagine you would need an app. Skype? Gtalk? Both of these should work. I'm sure there are plenty of others in the play store. Will be better over WiFi though.