Is there a website where you can type in item and have them find the best price out there?

Answer I use you can check the ratings of a site as well to protect yourself. This site saved me many headaches when buying a wouldn't believe how many ... Read More »

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Where can i find a website where you type a word and the omputer says it?

it's not a website but you could go to control panel then click on speech and type whatever you want and your computer will say it! :)

How to Calculate the List Price of an Item on Sale?

See an item on sale and want to find its list price? Here's how!

How do they program the scanners to read the bar codes for the price/item on merchandise?

Bar codes are thick and thin. There are half a dozen different code schemes based on how far away the bar code will be and how fast it is moving. A laser and a mirror "read" the bar code by convert... Read More »

What type of pyrotechnic item is used for illuminating?