Is there a website that helps you find out if you were adopted?

Answer I do not know if there is or is not a website for this. However, I suggest asking your parents and explain why you are asking. They should respond honestly...

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What is a free website that helps you find your ancestors?

Once you enter your own basic information on, it essentially "hooks" you up with others who have entered theirs. The site then matches both pairs of information with online birth or de... Read More »

I need to make a website like IMDb (Internet Movie Database). Any website software that helps you with that!?

vBulletin. I've heard it's been used to make sites like IDMb. "It's great", I believe they said. "It makes great sites" said someone else. "I wouldn't use anything else. It's great, especially for ... Read More »

I was adopted at age 2 and want to find my adopted cousin who was born 23 September 1954 in Moss-side Manchester. How can I go about this?

What do you think of this website that helps you to de-clutter, unused food items in your cupboard?

It's kind of interesting, actually. I'll probably be checking back when I find something weird in my cupboard. :)But I already know what to do with anchovies - put them on pimentos and eat them as... Read More »