Is there a website than can scan all your computer problems?

Answer The Gibson research company will do a full on line scan of your PC and test your firewall and security setting's by trying to attack your system, it'll give you a rating at the end of each Read More »

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How to Scan Your Computer for Problems?

When a computer stops working or starts experiencing errors, there are many factors that could be causing these problems. Anything from a misplaced file to internal corruption of the disk itself ca... Read More »

I scan my computer with Avira Complete Scan and There is 11 Warnings What should i do?

It seems that your computer is not infected but you have several programs that are corrupted. I would try reinstalling those programs that aren't functioning if I were you.Start with that TuneUp Ut... Read More »

Is there a website you can go on to get your computer scanned for viruses?

Yes, I know of two that work well:…and…

Is there a device in which you can scan pictures you draw and turn them into picture files for your computer?

yes, you can use a picture scanner. I personally use a HP scanner you can get one @ best buy.