Is there a website for checking license plate numbers?

Answer There are no legal websites that will provide license plate information to citizens. The Drivers Privacy Protection Act (DDPA), a federal law, prohibits that information from being released to indi... Read More »

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Who can run license plate numbers?

Police departments and departments of motor vehicles run license plates on a regular basis. However, civilians can also run license plates for a price. Websites such as charge users to fi... Read More »

Do license plate numbers have a sequence?

Licence plate numbers do have a sequence. In states like New Jersey, sequences have started running out--the last sequenced plate began with ZZZ. New Jersey will now begin with A10. This will allow... Read More »

Can you find someone online by license plate numbers?

On One Hand: No Publicly Accessible DatabaseNo publicly accessible database allows you to type in a license plate number and retrieve the name or location of a person associated with that number. S... Read More »

How do I read checking account numbers?

Bottom of a CheckLook at the bottom of your check to locate a grouped set of numbers. Each grouping has a specific purpose and meaning.The Meaning of Each GroupingKnow the three group meanings, fro... Read More »