Is there a way,a DVD purchased in England,can play on a American DVD player?

Answer unfortunately not, i would recommend getting a region free DVD player

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Is there a policy that can be purchased for a few days to move a newly purchased vehicle from one destination to your home?

Answer If you currently own a vehicle and have insurance, your new vehicle is automatically covered as long as you let your insurance company know and pay within a stipulated time.If you do not cur... Read More »

Can you play an hd-dvd on a standard dvd player, and if so, are there any video anomalies when u play one?

There are disk out there that have DVD on one side and H DVD on the other, but these are few in number. But that just means the disk has both formats on it.And just to the poster above not all DVDs... Read More »

What if your blu-ray player will not player the two Disney movies you purchased any ideas?

What is the name of the 2nd African American baseball player to play in ML B, who was (4/1/10)?

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