Is there a way you can make your camera act as a webcam?

Answer It is an HD SD card camcorder, I doubt it, but if you want to try, here is some instruction. Plug the camcorder into your computer, it helps at this point, if you plug it into the wall hydro for c... Read More »

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Is there a camera that can be a camera and a webcam please help!!?

Most movie cameras and digital cameras these days can be set up as a webcam.Go to 'The Good Guys', they can help you out.

My webcam doesnt work on msn when i go on it it says We couldn't start your camera device Please check that your camera is not currently in use by another program and then try again but it isn't?

i have the same problem and its so annoying :@ but idk what to do to fix it, ive tried everything.

Is there any free software to use nikon s570 camera as webcam?

I have a camera/webcam but I don't know how to upload the webcam part and my guide doesn't tell me I NEED HELP?

I have found that, on most digital cams, if you hook the usb cable up, you can see the cam as a mass storage device, and be able to see the icons for the videos and pics you've taken.. simply make ... Read More »